Monday, March 11, 2013

Facing Depression

What causes depression?  Chemicals?  Physical imbalance?  Selfishness?  Who knows?  Wish we knew.  I know a remedy, though.  Think about it.  A man was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  He consulted a friend who was very spiritual.  Neither knew the cause of the man's depression.  The wise friend had the solution.

He said, "Try this and I will guarantee you will improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Make a list.  List all the people living who have blessed your life.  Then call, visit or write them one by one.  You will never believe what will happen until you try it."

The sick man tried it.  He made a list of over 500 names.  The first was his favorite school teacher...he wrote her an appreciation note.  Then his first boss...his service station attendant, etc.  A letter from his teacher arrived soon, telling him that out of all her students, in 41 years of teaching, his was the first letter of appreciation she had ever received.  She read it daily.  It was about the only "bright" thing left in her life.

Then another letter came, and another.  Soon he was so busy in contact with his friends that he forgot whether he was lonely or not, was depressed or not, sick or not.  He was having a wonderful time "DOING GOOD."

There are three basic needs of any human being and meeting these needs helps to overcome depression:  (1) Self-worth; (2) Intimacy with others; and (3) Intimacy with God.  This curative trilogy can be found entire in one passage (Matthew 22:36-39).  The Lord intended that we love ourselves, love our God, and love our neighbor.  This will help overcome depression because our OUTLOOK would have UP-LOOK and our attention would turn from the INWARD to the OUTWARD.

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