Monday, March 14, 2011


(The following is taken from an article written by Mike Underwood and has been edited for the sake of brevity)

It sounds terrible, doesn't it?  Well, it is!  It is a disease that destroys the nervous system of the human body.  In other words, if a person has this disease he can't feel pain, his nerves aren't allowed to send messages to the brain to tell it that some part of the body is in pain.  WOW!  That sounds like a great disease to have, doesn't it?  Wouldn't it be nice not to ever have to experience pain again?  When the doctor gave us a shot - no problem.  Dental office visits would become just a time of relaxation in a comfortable laid back chair.  Broken hips, contractions, busted lips, dog bites, bee stings, sitting on the practical joker's tack - all become as painless as eating cotton candy.  But at what cost?  What would happen if a person who had this disease laid his hand on a hot stove?  He wouldn't feel the pain, but the hand would still burn and infection would eventually set in.  Or what if he got cut on the back of his leg and never knew it?  If the cut was bad enough he could bleed to death without ever knowing he was injured.

I don't know anyone who has this disease in the body.  But there are many who have ganglioneuropathy of the soul.  It doesn't bother them or hurt them when they sin.  Oh, it used to hurt.  It would pain their conscience something terrible.  But now that this disease has set in, nothing seems to bother them any more.  The wound caused by missing worship services has long been calloused.  It doesn't hurt any more when they use the Lord's name in vain.  Telling a lie is just as natural as breathing anymore.  The conscience has been seared over as with a hot iron (1 Tim. 4:2).

Some might think this is a great disease - not having to feel guilt anymore.  But, again we must ask the question, "At what cost?"  If sin no longer bothers you, then spiritual ganglioneuropathy is fatal.  CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN (Mk. 2:17). 
Don't let your soul's "nervouse system" be destroyed.

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