Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Repentance or Re-adjustment?

A man once went to the doctor complaining of an ulcer.  The doctor asked if there might be some undue stress in his life that would cause such a problem.  He answered, “Yes, I’m having an affair with a woman in another city.  I drive there twice a week in my old pick-up to see her and it keeps breaking down on the way home and I have to continually devise excuses to tell my wife why I am late.”  The doctor suggested that he needed to make some hard decisions about his personal priorities if he was to ever get well.  About six months later the patient came back completely cured.  The doctor asked if had made some change in his life.  The man replied, “Yup, got me a new pick-up.”

Many people try to solve their problems caused by sin with a re-adjustment rather than with repentance.  The major difficulty with that approach is that re-adjustment doesn’t solve anything; it only delays the consequences.  The message of Jesus is one of genuine repentance (Mt. 4:17) which is a change of heart that results in a change of life.  It requires openness and honesty with self and God.  Repentance is a direct challenge to man’s will power.  Perhaps that is the reason why it is not only a neglected command of God, but one that is among the hardest to obey.

How are you handling the sins of your life?  Are you repenting, or are you attempting some kind of re-adjustment?  Think about it.

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